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Titandeath battles allow you to refight the grand-scale conflict between the Titan Legions in the Garmon Cluster. Unlike a normal Legions Imperialis battle, where only a few titans can be fielded as part of an Army, these rules allow players to take their entire collection into battle.

Titandeath is a variant game mode of Legions Imperialis, that uses many of the same rules, but with a few important modifications and additional rules to simulate vast titan confrontations without slowing or overcomplicating battles. All of these rules are presented in this section, including all the rules needed to organise and resolve a Titandeath battle. This includes not only new rules, but also three new Missions and several new Secondary Objectives to allow a variety of gameplay options.

New Titandeath Rules

If you are fighting a Titandeath battle, use the additional rules detailed as follows.

Coordinated Fire

In Titandeath battles, when a Titan Detachment is firing, the firing sequence is resolved differently to a normal Legions Imperialis battle. After the Choose Targets step, the controlling player selects one weapon that Titan is firing, and resolves the Make Hit Rolls step and the Resolve Hits step for that weapon. Once resolved, the controlling player then selects another weapon that Titan is firing and repeats this sequence until all weapons have been fired.

Calibrated Void Shields

In Titandeath battles, each time a model's Void Shield level is reduced, the controlling player rolls a D6.

On a 5+, that model's Void Shield level is not reduced.

Focused Ire

In Titandeath battles, Titans cannot make use of the Split Fire rule unless every weapon they are firing is only targeting Knight Detachments.