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Campaign Expansions

Campaign Expansions are additional rules that can be added to a campaign to introduce additional elements, either to add detail to the campaign process, or additional rewards. Expansions should be chosen at the start of the campaign when selecting the format for that campaign.

Campaign Expansion: System Warfare

The Conquest Campaign rules presented on page 71 represent a conflict over a single planet. However, forces commonly waged war across entire star systems in their quest for victory. To represent this, the System Warfare Expansion can be used.

In this Expansion, players create several separate maps, with each one representing a planet within the star system. When building maps for this Expansion, determine the number of planets you wish to include; one per two to four players in the campaign is a good rule of thumb. Next, they will create a map for each planet - this is done in the same way as the normal Conquest Campaign, however it is recommended that each planet has between three to six hexes rather than a number per player. Each planet should also have at least one Spaceport territory.

When choosing territories to Invade or Protect, the Faction which controls the Spaceport of each planet is important. All Spaceport territories count as adjacent to one another, meaning players can Invade or Protect another planet's Spaceport territory as long as they control a different Spaceport. Otherwise, a player cannot Invade or Protect territories on a planet they control no hexes on; a Militarum Aerodrome territory special rule has no effect on territories on different planets.

When building maps for System Warfare Expansion, it is recommended to have themed planets (e.g., a Forge World with Manufactoria Complexes and Titan Forges) that allow each to be a unique battleground players need to conquer and offer strategic benefits for doing so.

Campaign Expansion: Victory Boons

Victory Boons represent the spoils of victory, either the effects that victory has on the resolve and morale of an Army, or material gains not represented through Requisition Points.

At the end of each Campaign Cycle, the Campaign Master can select one victorious player to receive a Victory Boon. If your campaign does not have a Campaign Master, players can vote for the most worthy player instead. Each Victory Boon applies during that player's next campaign battle. After that, the Boon has no further effect, though the player may acquire the same boon again, or a new one for subsequent victories.

When a player receives a Victory Boon, they roll a D6 on the following table to determine which Victory Boon they receive.

Designer's Note: Alternative Victory Boon Use

If your campaign has a Campaign Master, they can instead award Victory Boons based on the magnitude or fortitude of a player's victory. This also provides an excellent opportunity for players to tell their war stories. The Campaign Master is the ultimate arbiter of which Victory Boons are awarded and can choose who is worthy of them, and can issue them to more than one player if they see fit, as well as issuing specific Victory Boons based on that player's exploits, instead of that player randomly determining one.

D6 Victory Boon
1 Unrelenting Advance. When assembling their Army, the player with this Victory Boon can select one Detachment from their Army to gain the Forward Deployment special rule during the next battle.
2 Seize the Initiative. Once during the next battle, the player with this Victory Boon can re-roll their dice to determine who has Initiative.
3 High Morale. The player with this Victory Boon may re-roll one failed Morale Check per round during their next battle.
4 Masterplan. The player with this Victory Boon may choose their Secondary Objective for their next battle instead of rolling two D6 and choosing one result from those.
5 Superior Intel. During the next battle, when selecting Secondary Objectives, the opposing player(s) must reveal theirs first, after which the player with this Victory Boon may select which of the Secondary Objectives rolled they wish to use.
6 Aerial Superiority. Once during the next battle, the player with this Victory Boon may call down a bombing run. When they do, they can place one 3" Blast template anywhere on the battlefield, then place another so that the edge of the second template is touching the hole at the centre of the first. Allocate a single hit to each model under these templates with an AP value of -1 and the Light and Ignores Cover traits.

Campaign Expansion: Army Markers

This Expansion is only for use with the Conquest campaign format.

In this Expansion, each player's forces are represented on the map by a distinctive marker. At the start of the first Campaign Cycle, each player deploys their Army Marker in one of the territories controlled by their Faction.

Designer's Note: Army Markers

Army Markers can be represented by any number of things. If players are using a physical map, they can use small coins or coloured counters. The important thing is that these are distinct to each player. Spare bases from your miniatures are ideal, as each player can paint them their own colour to match their Army and these are light enough that they can be attached to the map between gaming sessions with adhesive putty or something similar to ensure their position is maintained.

At the start of each Campaign Cycle, each player can move their Army Marker to a friendly territory adjacent to the one they are in. When declaring which territory a player is Invading or Protecting, that player must declare a territory that is adjacent to one their Army Marker is in (if a player wishes to use the special rule for a Militarum Aerodrome territory, their Army Marker must be on the Militarum Aerodrome territory instead).

If a player is victorious, their Army Marker is moved to the new territory. If they lose or draw, their Army Marker is moved to the next closest territory controlled by that player's Faction, with the controlling player choosing which if there is more than one.

Designer's Note: More than one Army Marker

If players wish, each player can have more than one Army Marker. This will generally work best with a small number of players or a larger map. If players choose to use the Army Markers Expansion in combination with the Campaign Rosters Expansion, they can have separate Campaign Rosters for each Army Marker if they wish to add an additional level of detail. Players doing so will also need to distinguish each of their markers from each other. For this, players can simply add a number to each of their markers, then add a number to the corresponding Campaign Roster for that marker to ensure the position of each of that player's armies is tracked clearly.

Campaign Expansion: Campaign Rosters

In this Expansion, instead of mustering a new Army before each battle, at the start of the campaign, each player creates a Campaign Roster. This lists the forces available to them, from which that player will assemble their Army before each battle. At the beginning of the campaign, players will have a certain amount of points available to them, determined by the Campaign Master, with which they can purchase Detachments for their Army.

Purchasing Detachments for a Campaign Roster works in the same way as when assembling an Army for a normal battle, with the exception that these Detachments are not required to be organised into Formations at this stage. Instead, players can purchase any Detachments available to their Army, including Detachments that are part of Strategic Asset Formations; however players should select these Detachments with the various Formations they may wish to use in their battles, and with the normal restrictions on Strategic Assets, in mind, as they will still require to assemble them into a valid Army List before each battle.

Designer's Note: Larger Campaign Rosters

For variety, we recommend that the Campaign Master allows players a greater amount of points to create their Campaign Roster compared to their armies in games (e.g., 4,000 points for the Campaign Roster if all the campaign battles are fought at 3,000 points). This allows players to be flexible about which Detachments they use in each battle.