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The Solar Auxilia

Solar Auxilia Army List

The following section presents the Army List for the Solar Auxilia, reflecting the foundation upon which the various Solar Auxilia cohorts were based. Within you'll find all the rules needed to build a Solar Auxilia Army.

A Solar Auxilia force can include a maximum of 1 Legate Commander per full 1,500 points of the points limit (e.g., a 2,000 point Army can include a single Legate Commander, a 3,000 point Army can include 2 Legate Commanders, etc.).

Close Formation Fighting

The Solar Auxilia train to fight shoulder to shoulder, each warrior supporting those next to them to present an unyielding wall. A Solar Auxilia Infantry model increases its CAF by 1 while in base to base contact with one or more friendly Solar Auxilia Infantry models. If a Detachment is Garrisoned within a Structure, it is presumed to be in base contact with at least one other model from that Detachment.

Solar Auxilia Command Structure

Many Solar Auxilia Detachments have the Chain of Command special rule, which limits the Orders they can be issued with unless they are in range of a Detachment with the Solar Auxilia HQ (X) special rule. These rules can be found in the Special Rules section to the right.

Tank Commander

Certain Formations and/or Detachments allow a model to be upgraded to a Tank Commander - where applicable, this will be stated in the relevant description. A model upgraded to a Tank Commander gains the Solar Auxilia HQ (6") special rule and increases its Morale characteristic by 1, to a maximum of 2+.

Where possible, a model upgraded to a Tank Commander should be clearly visible - this can be done through having an officer in the cupola, a small banner, an alternative paint scheme or similar identifiable method.

Chain of Command

Detachments with the Chain of Command special rule can only be issued an Advance Order unless instructed otherwise. If an Independent Unit (see page 91) contains only models without this rule, then that Independent Unit can be issued another Order, even if the larger Detachment can only be issued with the Advance Order.

Solar Auxilia HQ (X)

If a Detachment with the Chain of Command special rule has at least one model wholly within the Command Range of a model with the Solar Auxilia HQ (X) special rule, it can be issued with any Order it would be eligible to be issued (i.e., First Fire Order, Charge Order, March Order or Advance Order), instead of just an Advance Order. A model's 'Command Range' is a number of inches equal to the value in brackets noted as part of this special rule. This special rule does not allow a Broken Detachment to be issued an Order other than the Advance Order or Charge Order.